Who we are

Cathedral St Etienne


St. Etienne  Cathedral is located in Kigali city, in the District of  Nyarugenge in the sector of Nyarugenge, cell of Biryogo and the zone  Umurimo. St. Etienne is one of the parishes of  the Archdeaconry of Kigali. It is found within Kigali Diocese compound.

Address: P.O. Box.61 Kigali,

Telephone: +250 784 750 888.

E-mail: Cathedral.kigali@gmail.com; Facebook: St.etiennecathedral; Website: http://www.stetienne.kigalidiocese.rw


St. Etienne Cathedral borders with Gikondo Parish to the east, Nyarufunzo Parish to the south. To the west there is Ruyenzi Parish which is found in the Shyongwe Diocese. There is also Kanyinya and Gatsata parishes of Kigali archdeaconry, they are found to the north. It also borders with Kacyiru Parish to the east which is found in the Gasabo Diocese. St. Etienne Cathedral operates with in 8 sectors; that of Nyarugenge, Gitega, Muhima, Kimisagara, Rwezamenyo, Nyakabanda, Nyamirambo and Kigali. All of these sectors are found in Nyarugenge District.

Foundation period:

The building of St Etienne Cathedral started in the year 1968. It was led by the first pastor called  Rev. Can. Eustache Kajuga.  St. Etienne Cathedral was opened on  1/11/1970. From there up to now, St. Etienne Cathedral has extended to start 3 parishes that includes; Gikondo, Kacyiru and  Nyarufunzo parish (Mission parish). Now it is a parish with  one local church that runs with over 1700 christians.

The following are servants of the Lord in St. Etienne Cathedral:

  • Dean: Rt. Rev. Nathan Amooti RUSENGO , Bishop of Kigali Diocese
  • Subdean: Rev. Dr. Erisa Mutabazi
  • Vicar: Rev. Diallo Runezerwa
  • Full time Pastor: Rev. Ikiiriza Anet 
  • Part time Pastors:
  • Rev. Daniel Hanlon (in charge of English Service)
  •  Rev. Manasseh Tuyizere ( in charge of evening service)
  • Rev. Boniface Lakony
  • Assistant Administrator: Ndagijimana Theoneste
  • Accountant: Habarurema Silas
  • Church and compound freshness: Nzamurambaho Japhet
  • Church and compound freshness: Kayitesi Jacqueline
  • Security: Sibomana Jean Damascene

(Cathedral Council)

Executive Committee

President of christians: Cecile Mukabutera
Vice president: George Barigye
Secretary: Jane Bateta

Heads of Committees:

Planning and Development: Mr. Munyaneza Charles
Evangelism: Mr. Umwizerwa Prosper
Fathers’ Union: Can. Rwambonera Francois
Social affairs: Mrs. Charlotte Karemera
Mothers’ Union: Musabyimana Blandine
Youth Union: Mr. Rwigema Baudouin
Sunday School: Mr. Uwizeye Joel
Protocol, Security and Decoration: Emmanuel Niyonzima
Music and Worship: Mr. Nkulikiyimana Michel
Media and Communication: Theoneste Ndagijimana
Education: David Tumusiime
Intercession: Rukundo Daniel
Cells: Habarugira Augustin
Finance: Maridadi Peter
Audit: Murengerantwali Athanase